Something to be happy about...

Not only does Georgia Farm Bureau offer insurance for your home, auto, life and health, we also offer affordable, easy to use dental coverage for you and your family.  Georgia Farm Bureau Dental is underwritten by Delta Dental Insurance Company, a member of the nation’s largest dental insurance organization. 

Coverage Includes:

  • Preventive and Diagnostic Services

  • Crowns, Restorations and Bridges

  • Periodontic Treatment

  • Oral Surgery

  • Dentures

Enroll Online

Dental insurance for Georgia Farm Bureau members is now available. The Delta Dental PPO®/MPA plan, underwritten by Delta Dental Insurance Company, offers you what no other dental plan can – The Delta Dental Difference™.  Here’s what makes this a great choice for your and your family: 

  • Exceptional Cost Savings – Delta Dental networks protect enrollees from balance billing and prevent dentists from charging more by “unbundling” services that should be billed as one service. Your costs are usually lowest when you visit a Delta Dental dentist.

  • Guaranteed Coinsurance – Delta Dental dentists agree to accept the administrator’s determination of fees. They won’t balance bill over Delta Dental’s approved amount for covered services. 

  • Professional Treatment Standards – Network dentists must meet professional standards for safety and quality of care.  These standards are verified through reviews of utilization patterns and office practices.

When you enroll in the dental program offered through Georgia Farm Bureau, you have the freedom to visit any licensed dentist, however, there are advantages to visiting a PPO network dentist instead of a non-PPO dentist. PPO dentists agree to accept a reduced fee for PPO patients. You will usually have higher out-of-pocket costs when you visit a non-PPO dentist.

Who is Eligible:

Georgia Farm Bureau members who live in Georgia their spouse and eligible dependent children to age 19, or to age 25 if dependent is full-time student.